Welcome to our property's promise of comfort and peace.

In 2007 we bought our 1905 home from the Hico Methodist church.  The quaint homestead, originally located on 1st Street, was built from lumber that rumbled in on railroad cars that ran through Hico many years ago.

We envisioned an unpolished gem under the many layers of wallpaper, sheet rock linoleum and carpet, and immediately set out to restore this wonderful old home.  A house mover from Crawford, Texas, cut the house in half and carefully moved each half and put it back together at its present location, 306 Hickory Street.  After nearly a year of renovation we finally moved in. 

 The original wooden walls and the original hardwood floors inherited the beauty and peacefulness of our love for making old things look new again without destroying the original structure and workmanship.

Today, with an inviting front porch, the home once again plays host to relaxing days and amiable conversation.

Welcome to our world in Hico, Texas.  It is our pleasure to share this wonderful restored 1905 home with you.  Our guest room has a private entrance and private bath with inspired design choices that reflect simplicity and comfort.  The room has 12 foot ceilings with the original hardwood floors and wooden walls.  No Sheetrock!! 

The guest room is located just off the front porch, so you may sit and rock or enjoy your morning coffee surrounded by beautiful Crepe Myrtles.  Inside, the room has a queen bed with a pillow top mattress and also a twin iron bed, table and chairs, T.V., coffee pot and the original fireplace mantel with mirror that still honors the room. 

Furnished with quality antiques and special touches, the room evokes comfort and warmth.

Come and Enjoy “Hico’s Nothin But Time Bed and Breakfast” at the tip of the hill country where Highways 6 and 281 come together to create a friendly, turn-of-the-century western town.  The home of cowboys and legends where “Only in Hico everybody is somebody.

Happy Trails To You! Email:sunnysnyder2@gmail.com